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Imagine, if you will, a blogging platform that takes the fuss out of blogging. – The Evernote Blogging Platform

If you already use Evernote to save your musings and brain farts, you’ll love No admin panel, no dashboard, simply create your blog posts in Evernote.

It’s simple. Really. All you need to do is link an Evernote Notebook when you sign up, create a note and use the tag “published” and the little Evernote elves make it automatically appear on your blog. As a blog post.

Really. I kid you not.

Here, let me show you:

1: Go to and create a blog:


2. Connect a Notebook & authorize it:



3. Create your first post:

Simply log into Evernote, create a new note in the Folder and add the tag “published.”


4. Magic! Your new blog is created:



See? Easy.

Log in, create and publish new blog posts simply by creating a note in Evernote, in your folder, and it will show up on your site the moment you add the “published” tag.

Additionally, you can choose a theme for your blog, (go to Theme) and add Google Analytics and a Discus Comment Section (go to Add-Ons.)

A premium option is also available if you want your blog password protected, or want to invite contributing authors.

Sign up! Let me know what you think.


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