Uber-like Service For Women Only, Launching 19th April

Uber might have to take the backseat, so to speak. Chariot for Women is new a ride-sharing service set to launch April 19 throughout the United States. Chariot’s Founder, Michael Pelletz, had the idea for a women-only service while he was employed as an Uber driver. He encountered a disoriented, aggressive customer  who made him feel unsafe. He pulled over at the nearest Police station, thinking “What if I was a woman? How would a woman handle that situation, especially when I was so nervous myself?” Thus, on February 9th 2016, Chariot for Women was born.

Chariot (name change coming soon) claims to be a safer option than its competitors, because all drivers will be women, and the service would pick up children under 13 regardless of gender, as well as transwomen. Whether Chariots for Women will survive the onslaught of hate it’s receiving, and legal gender discrimination issues, is yet to be seen.

Keep in mind that during the late 1990’s, the Massachusetts state legislature created an exception in gender discrimination law for women-only fitness facilities. One could argue that ride-sharing services are even more dangerous for women, especially since the number of sexual assault claims raised against Uber drivers is very shocking:



Before anyone says women are also capable of violence, we know that. Chariot has the necessary safety precautions in place.  A thorough background check will be done on all drivers. As with the Uber system, passengers will also see a picture of her driver, as well as the trip details (make of vehicle, license plate number, etc.) Extra safety steps includes a code sent to the passenger. If the driver knows your code, then no worries. If the driver doesn’t know the code, the passenger will know not to get in the car. The app has adapted the model of real-time GPS tracing and maps, so passengers will know exactly when their Chariot will arrive, rather than standing on a corner waiting for a taxi.

Plus, 2 percent of every fare will be donated to women-focused charities. These include, but are not limited to, foundations that are trying to cure diseases, end violence and abuse, and help empower women. A list of 10 charities will be made available every month, as chosen by customers, and while a passenger is in the car, a pop up will display the 10 options.

Despite all of the good, there are a lot of hate too. Haters are gonna hate, potatoes are gonna potato. Here are some of the gems (good and bad) collected from Twitter:


(A quick look at Superius777’s profile and you’ll see a homophobe, islamaphobe, racist Trump supporter. So nothing really newsworthy there.)

Don’t forget the sub Reddit, too…


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