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So, B-BBEEE 20Sep


Why B-BBEE? Pre ’94, white people had all the jobs. White people had everything. A lot of what was done to benefit white people, was to the detriment of people of colour. A lot of what happened back then, still benefits white people today, whether we like to admit it or not. Things like generational wealth, social capital, early childhood development, self sufficient parents, access to quality education, etc.


White Fragility

If we have to be honest, we all suffer from this to some extent. Even allies, ESPECIALLY allies, need to check ourselves often, and if a conversation is being derailed by white feelings, bring it back to what really matter.


Rape Culture,#NakedProtest, #WhenIWas

Last week I wrote a rough draft about the #WhenIWas hashtag I found on Twitter.The tweets moved me, shocked me, angered me. I ventured, ever so carefully, into the Twitter waters with my own When I Was account, and within 2 minutes had men questioning me. But that is not what this post is about. It’s bigger than that.


Uber-like Service For Women Only, Launching 19th April

Uber might have to take the backseat, so to speak. Chariot for Women is new a ride-sharing service set to launch April 19 throughout the United States. Chariot’s Founder, Michael Pelletz, had the idea for a women-only service while he was employed as an Uber driver. He encountered a disoriented, aggressive customer who made him feel unsafe.

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