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2017 – 12 Changes

So, new year’s stuff. I don’t do resolutions. Not in the old fashioned sense anyway. Screw that List Of Impractical Resolution Stuff that just make you feel bad at the end of the year for not achieving said List Of Impractical Resolution Stuff.

Changing habits = the new resolutions

Instead of making the List Of Impractical Resolution Stuff, I’m going to focus each month on one habit. And try to change that habit. (as inspired by a Leo Babauta’s blog post from 2014 – Follow the link to read more about the 12 changes)
More of that later.

But first,

Before we get to the list, who wants join in and do this with me? Motivation makes us all better. Make your own list or follow the suggestions below. Either comment on this post, or on my Facebook post. (Click on the date.)

So, new year’s stuff. I don’t do resolutions. Not in the old fashioned sense anyway. Screw that List Of Impractical…

Posted by Cheryl Kay on Monday, 2 January 2017

But how to change a habit, I hear you ask? Well, Leo offers us this explanation:

  • Choose a trigger for your habit – something already in your routine that will immediately precede the habit. Examples: eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, showering, waking up, arriving at the office, leaving the office, getting home in the evening.
  • Do the 1st, really easy baby step for one week, right after the trigger. Post your progress publicly.
  • Each week, move on to a slightly harder step. You’ll want to progress faster, but don’t. You’re building a new habit.
  • Repeat this until you’ve worked through your list of habits.
  • Read the longer version here.

My list:

Here are the 12 changes I’m going to make for 2017, one for each month. Do them with me, shuffle them around or make your own list. Now, Leo does also offer a premium service called Sea Change, but I can’t rightly afford that at this stage, so I’ll be doing my own research.

I’ll read up about each topic, break the one habit down into 4 smaller, more manageable parts, and attempt one part each week.

  1. Create Deliberately – Screw being blocked. Lets make good art.
  2. Wake Early – Might as well get this done before winter starts.
  3. Exercise & Health – I’m unfit as fuck, so yeah. This goes without saying.
  4. Revisit my Zero Waste Journey – Follow No Harm No Waste on Facebook.
  5. All-Day Mindfulness – I’m not mindful at all. Life is passing me by.
  6. Unprocrastination – Procrastinator of note here. I even have trophies.
  7. De-clutter – Collector of note here. More trophies. I even hoard stuff in Skyrim…
  8. Meditation – I fail at meditation. My mind can’t switch off.
  9. Self-compassion & Acceptance – What can I say, I’m my own worst critic.
  10. Simple living – I’ve long since wanted to get rid of everything and travel instead.
  11. Productivity – Most of my days are really not productive at all.
  12. Contentment & Personal Vision – Points 11 and 12 should be partially achieved throughout the year. I mean, 1 to 10 are basically built ups of being more productive and content.

Anyhoot. That’s my list. I’ll touch base at the start of each month (will do the Creative mission blog this week) and do progress reports throughout the month, with a recap at the end.

Who be joining me?

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Masculinity So Fragile

As seen on Facebook. Re-posted here with Lime Salt Mabasa’s permission.

  • Masculinity so fragile y’all lose your shit when little boys (assumed gender based on physical appearance) wear pink clothes or play with pink toys .
  • Masculinity so fragile my boyfriend started a long ass argument with me in public because I said I want to buy my son a doll .
  • Masculinity so fragile you can’t even hug your friends because you think it takes something away from your manhood .
  • Masculinity so fragile you wouldn’t wear a skirt if your life depended on it because some white dude many many years ago said men should only wear pants .
  • Masculinity is so fragile guys, I think its whiteness’s little brother who has to be reassured that he is important or else he falls apart and collapses into nothingness.
  • Masculinity Is so fucken fragile that dudes can’t even say in public that they love Beyonce .
  • Masculinity so fragile you won’t even get your ass ate out
  • Masculinity so fragile you won’t even cry when you are hurting .
  • Masculinity so fragile you won’t hold your friend’s hand or comfort them or let them comfort you when you need it because apparently men don’t hurt or need to be comforted ..
  • Masculinity so fragile that you are homophobic as shit, you hate gay men because you think they are tryna be women and that squeezes your balls some how . (Not all homophobic people are homophobic because of this, I know a few though)

Check out the comments. Pure gold.


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Do You Want To Save The World?

Maybe you’ve been keeping track of the news, maybe not, but the world has quite a few problems at the moment. I say “a few problems,” but I really want to say, “everything is fucked and we’re all going to die.”

There’s research out there somewhere that show that to live a happy and healthy life, we need to align ourselves with values that are greater than our own pleasure or satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for?!
Pick a problem or cause you care about and lets start fixing the world.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few suggestions: (List will be updated so drop a comment with your suggestions.)



tlycs-logoThe Life You Can Save

Their mission is to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty and to promote the concept of effective giving. It was started by Peter Singer, the Effective Altruism guy (look for him on Ted.) He really does make it easy for you; the info of several charity organizations are all on one site, you can even calculate where and with what organization you can make the biggest impact.
Find them on Facebook 




charity:water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. You can either donate directly, or start a fundraising campaign. Do something crazy to raise funds. Give up your birthday and christmas prezzies and have friends donate instead. Go Wild. Donate to my campaign here: Smudges Of Hope
Or start your own here.
Find them on Facebook



Global Fund for Women

One of the world’s leading foundations for gender equality, standing up for the human rights of women and girls. They campaign for zero violence, economic and political empowerment, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. They fund and partner with women-led groups who are courageously fighting for justice in their own communities.
Find them on Facebook



ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer

ZERO is a national nonprofit organization with the mission to end prostate cancer. ZERO advances research, encourages action, and provides education and support to men and their families. ZERO’s premier programs include the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk, the largest men’s health event series in America.
Find them on Facebook



UNICEF South Africa

Unite for the Children. UNICEF SA promotes the rights and well-being of every child, in everything we do, since 1994. Providing practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.
Find them on Facebook


You could also:
<3 Become an Organ Donor.
<3 Donate Blood.
<3 Donate Bone Marrow.

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Postach.io – Evernote's Blogging Platform

Imagine, if you will, a blogging platform that takes the fuss out of blogging.

Postach.io – The Evernote Blogging Platform

If you already use Evernote to save your musings and brain farts, you’ll love Postach.io. No admin panel, no dashboard, simply create your blog posts in Evernote.

It’s simple. Really. All you need to do is link an Evernote Notebook when you sign up, create a note and use the tag “published” and the little Evernote elves make it automatically appear on your blog. As a blog post.

Really. I kid you not.

Here, let me show you:

1: Go to Postach.io and create a blog:


2. Connect a Notebook & authorize it:



3. Create your first post:

Simply log into Evernote, create a new note in the Postach.io Folder and add the tag “published.”


4. Magic! Your new blog is created:



See? Easy.

Log in, create and publish new blog posts simply by creating a note in Evernote, in your Postach.io folder, and it will show up on your site the moment you add the “published” tag.

Additionally, you can choose a theme for your blog, (go to Theme) and add Google Analytics and a Discus Comment Section (go to Add-Ons.)

A premium option is also available if you want your blog password protected, or want to invite contributing authors.

Sign up! Let me know what you think.


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