You’ve probably heard that if you want to increase your online visibility, then a blog for your website is a good bet. I agree. Blogs give you the opportunity to connect with your audience by giving them valuable information for free, thereby establishing yourself as a trustworthy authority in your sector while simultaneously building rapport.

But, that’s not all. Aside from the many opportunities for using keywords to help you rank (read my article on evergreen content for more information), blogs are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and values.

From listicles to in-depth how-to posts and thought leadership articles, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words of content across various sectors, including legal, science, marketing, SaaS, fintech, hospitality, pets, optics, and more.

Do you need content for your website? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your blog—that’s okay! I can work with you to come up with a content strategy based on keyword and market research. Together, we can craft blog posts that get your website seen by your ideal customers.

But, what if you need something longer? A report, perhaps, or an eBook to use as a lead magnet? Well, the good news is that I love writing long-form content just about as much as I love writing shorter stuff.

The lead magnets I produce are based on in-depth research and facts, and they’re always packed to the brim with value. If you’re looking for 20,000 words of fluff stuffed into a pretty eBook cover, you’ll probably want to reach out to someone else. But if you’re looking to grow your email list, strengthen your brand identity, and establish trust with your current and future customers, then I look forward to meeting you!

Interested? Get in touch or book a free consultation today.