Get your Smart ID card online at eHomeAffairs

The Department of Home Affairs has launched an online service – eHomeAffairs – that allows South Africans to apply for their Smart IDs or passports online.

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When the system was initially announced in 2015, it was referred to as Home Affairs’ e-Channel, and was incorporated with certain Standard Bank & FNB branches as a trial run.

With this new system, you may:

  • Submit your application for a Smart ID and Passport
  • Upload supporting Documents,
  • Pay application fees
  • Schedule Branch Visits

Don’t get too excited though, a visit to your friendly neighboorhood Home Affairs is still required for having your photograph taken and submitting your fingerprints.

Once everything is processed, you will receive an SMS notifying you that your Smart ID or Passport is ready for collection.


If you are a South African citizen, aged 30 to 35 you are welcome to go give the pilot software a test drive. Home Affairs announced that the service will be made available to more citizens soon.

If you haven’t already registered for a Home Affairs Profile, you will need to capture your ID Number for an Eligibility Check. Next, you will be redirected to the Account Registration Page. (I was told my First Name was not valid. Seriously?)

step 1

And then, this:

not valid

Take note that the system seems a bit buggy at the moment… But this is to be expected for any newly launched site/system. Give it some time, folks. Just think, if all goes well, less frustratingly long hours and even longer queues spent at Home Affairs.

Me and the rest of SA’s 30 – 35 year olds only managed to reach step 1. A breakdown of the entire 5 Step Process can be seen here.

The comment section on MyBroadband turned political real quick, though. The Gupta’s even received a mention.

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